We had been trying for a long time to launch our own micro collection of ANGEL technical clothing and Gobik had to appear to get us out of the blockade, because no matter how much desire we had, in ANGEL we are really very few and the attempt to arrive on time to the delivery of each bike, we complete the entire agenda of every day and not a few nights.

The friends from Yecla well deserve the absolute success that their brand is having worldwide, because even for a tiny brand like ours, the attention has been more than premium, all the facilities and just a conversation of just over 30 minutes was enough for us to receive a complete proposal two or three days later, which we confess, shocked us.

The criteria we explained to them were that we wanted to make two outfits that could be combined, so that with two outfits you could have 4, adding essential garments such as the versatile long-sleeved thermal jersey and the mandatory vest that is worn all year round.

We wanted the first kit to inspire the earthy color, with the gold of the beginning and the end of those days when the sun greets you and says goodbye in the marathon days, to bring some features of the thousands of textures that give us the tracks and trails ... To be a little daring but to maintain the serene essence of ANGEL.

For the second kit we looked for an outfit that evoked titanium, our raison d'être, but with subtle gold details to match the "off road" kit. The game of asphalt, speed, endurance and epic, are captured to perfection in a kit that like the first, did not need a second revision.

Their design and product managers understood perfectly the purpose and much more, because they improved the best of our ideas.

Angel Jersey

The level of expertise projected in each of the garments they develop can be seen and, above all, felt, in garments that fit all cyclists and exponentially improve the quality of life on the bike.

Nothing you don't already know.

We believe in them because they believe in us, because their clothing needs no introduction and because it is a brand full of passionate bikers, all of them.

It is a very limited production and if you are in this newsletter is because we believe you deserve to have it as a priority.

All you have to do is enter the Gobik Team Store by accessing with the Password: ACW_23

Make your reservation now so that next spring, summer and fall, you can proudly wear your ANGEL SKIN.



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