"Patience : calm, tranquility to wait.

In the mid-nineties, I lived the unforgettable experience of being a professional cyclist. I did it in a leading team like ONCE, and that meant riding alongside some of the best cyclists in the world. I remember how one of my idols, Laurent Jalabert, used to ride a spectacular titanium bike that he was completely in love with.


"To have an ANGEL is to have more than just a bike. They are machines with personality: beautiful, timeless, efficient and that immediately transmit all the passion, knowledge and know-how of Angel and Antonio.


"Angel represents what all of us adventurers are looking for.

If something characterizes us is solitude, the unexplored, the search for new challenges, the endless days with her by our side. This undoubtedly makes each of us consider our outings as exclusive, like our bicycle.


"For me, the Vanguard was a before and after.

The day Antonio del Pino handed it to me perfectly adjusted, it was like a raw sensation, because when I felt myself on it, it was as if we had been together for a lifetime... and we had just been introduced.


"My Angel Pro Gravel ... Art made a bike.

A mileage machine, no matter if on asphalt or dirt.

Loaded or light.

It is the best companion for 2-wheeled adventures.


"It's not the lightest, it doesn't have the most groundbreaking design, you know only the very knowledgeable will be able to appreciate it at first glance but you want one because it's what, quite simply, you've been waiting for all your life.


ACW: Michael, how many years have you been cycling, how did you get into cycling and what is it about cycling that most appeals to you now? Have your expectations of cycling changed over the years? I mean, did you start cycling for one reason and now it's different?