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Frequently Asked Questions

All our frames and components have a lifetime warranty for the original owner. It is very infrequent that our bicycles break, because each model and each size are developed with precise engineering analysis that exceed the most demanding controls that anyone can imagine. All our bicycles are hand-built by expert professionals in the titanium industry, working with the best means on the market. Even so, should one of our bicycles develop a crack during its lifetime, we will replace that frame or component as a matter of priority.

For prestige, excellence, quality, durability and an extraordinary running feeling, which filters and returns all the energy applied to the pedals in the form of speed. The most committed parts in the most ambitious technological challenges, the ones that can never fail, are made of titanium, such as gearboxes along with many critical elements in a formula one, strategic parts in aerospace applications or internal structural elements to repair the human body itself. Titanium is a virtuous material at all mechanical levels, it is non-conductive, biocompatible and also very abundant and fully recyclable .

We dedicate our lives to manufacture with maximum precision your bicycles, but as we say in ACW: the fastest things are built slowly. Even so, in the development and manufacturing strategy of our bicycles there is a deep analysis in the production methodology, in which we apply technology, intelligence and the maximum responsibility you can imagine, so you can enjoy the titanium bicycle of your dreams as soon as possible and forever. At ANGEL Cycle Works we deliver more than 80% of projects in less than 10 weeks from launch, approval and payment. This is only possible with the highest level of commitment from the entire ACW team.

Within the website itself you can find multiple ways to contact us and we will be happy to help you create a custom titanium bicycle. With a previous biomechanical study, we will be able to reproduce with absolute precision the dimensions that you indicate us and in the case that you want the complete bicycle, our team of mechanics will adjust your bicycle to the exact measurement that your study indicates, adapting all the components so that the points of contact with your bicycle are perfect. It is true that all our bicycles are geometrically studied so that they behave in an excellent and coherent way with the use for which they have been designed and that, adapting the components to the needs of each client, we already get a perfect position for each cyclist. However, there are people with particular needs that require a geometry tailored to their characteristics. Our current catalog is based on three models: Heaven, Pro Gravel and Vanguard, but there are other models that are made to order within this Custom program (Monster, Garden Lap and Class), with which with a very reasonable extra cost and whatever your specialty is, you can be part of the ANGEL Cycle Works family. 

"If it can be done, we can do it. That's the motto of our cosmetics department, who work to the highest level of detail to make your ANGEL's decoration perfect down to the smallest nuance. The possibilities are as wide as there are types of personalities and people pedaling in the world. At ACW we set no limits. It can be a small detail of coloring the titanium itself, you can color all the graphics, do our famous full rainbow finish, and even paint the fork, the stem, the handlebars... or the whole frame! In this sense, to be able to paint our titanium frames with full guarantee, we have invested months and many resources to ensure that our titanium paint jobs are fully guaranteed. You may want an ANGEL with natural titanium or you may want to paint it to project your personality in full color. Remember: "If it can be done, we can do it".

No. In the past we have made beautiful projects and we have even had some models in steel, but to achieve excellence you have to focus to the point of obsession. Titanium is a prodigious material with a future of immense possibilities on the road to achieving new dream bikes... and that's what we want to dedicate our lives to. We deeply admire and respect all the masters who still today make masterful bikes in steel, but the heart of ANGEL Cycle Works... is titanium.

Yes, we ship virtually anywhere in the world, although each country has different tariff requirements that imply additional costs specified in each order. At ANGEL Cycle Works we work in a growing international distributor network and in fact, if in your area or in your country we do not have a presence and you are interested in working with us, please do not hesitate to send us your proposal to

Compared to carbon, titanium will always be heavier, that's just the way it is, just as its useful life is forever if its use is limited to the purpose for which it was built. At ANGEL Cycle Works we also know that every gram counts, that's why we dedicate a lot of resources to optimize to the maximum each of our models, obtaining the best results in weight/performance ratio in the elite titanium market. A large series production titanium frame in size 56 can easily be close to 2Kg in weight, when a Pro Gravel or a Vanguard is very close to 1.500g or a Heaven, which can go under 1.200g. Weight matters, that's why we spend and invest so many resources in engineering and optimizing absolutely everything that shapes one of our frames, so that at the same time it increases the rolling quality with super efficient performance. Even so, if you choose one of our bikes, with the current development of new groupsets, wheels and components, you will hardly notice any weight difference in the final computation for practical purposes .

Titanium is a magical material when it is manufactured well and responsibly. In its raw state it is an extremely hard metal and even cruel to the people who shape it into a bicycle, because it resists, breaks tools and is so hard that it exposes even the smallest detail if it is not worked perfectly. Building a titanium frame requires a lot of experience, means, technique and patience. High-quality, high-performance titanium does not understand rushes or large series production, because each frame behaves differently in its manufacture and if you make them all in the same way without observing each frame in each part of the process... you will regret it. Titanium welds at very high temperatures and it is not easy to find welders with the professional qualifications and experience necessary to make a bike with all the guarantees. At ANGEL Cycle Works we always keep in mind the idea that a human being entrusts his life to one of our bicycles. That is why we take analysis, training, production procedures, tooling and quality control to the point of obsession. When one of our frames leaves for its new home, we put the winged shield on it with the peace of mind that, come what may, our bikes will always be the ANGEL of each of our customers.

All ANGEL Cycle Works models are for disc brakes..... All but one. We believe in the great benefits of disc brakes beyond the performance of the brakes themselves, but we also have great respect for riders who prefer the mechanical simplicity and feel of rim brakes, because the truth is that they brake beautifully. That's why we will continue to offer the Class model, which also has a considerable user community, with setups so unique in many cases, that it makes the term "dream build" ridiculously short. As the members of the select ACW Class #savetherimbrake club often advocate.