Angel Custom Works

Fortunately we are all different and in some cases, some people are so different that they need totally custom-made bicycles.

Both dynamically and visually, as standard all our bikes are a standard of excellence down to the smallest detail, but there are occasions when geometric or cosmetic customization is a must for many riders.

custom geo

The geometry of all our bicycles has been carefully analyzed in order to fulfill its purpose of use at the highest level in all the sizes we offer.

There are cyclists that either by their own criteria or by specific biomechanical needs, need to adapt the height of the head tube (stack), the length of the horizontal tube (reach), length of chainstays or angles... And in ANGEL Cycle Works we can do it.

custom models

Either to make a custom bike or to have access to one of the models whose production requires stopping the entire workshop to dedicate all the time exclusively to it (this is the case of: Monster, Fast Gravel, Roadisc and Garde Lap), no matter what you need, because if it is possible we will do it.

More than 80% of our projects are based on Pro Gravel and Vanguard, with the arrival of the new hyper bike Heaven and practically all of our processes and machinery operations revolve around these three bikes.

With this productive management we can offer bikes of this level in less than 12 weeks.

However, we have the obligation to continue offering models that even if they are more complex to manufacture and sporadic demand, some of you ask us for them... and of course, even if it is a little more expensive and more complex, we will continue to manufacture them.


Frame kit from 4.200€.

Complete assembly on demand.

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When an expert and demanding cyclist wants everything at maximum values, the Monster Gravel appears and demolishes all the existing prejudices in the cycling world.

It's not just a Gravel bike, it's not just a Mountain Bike with road handlebars, and it's not just a Bikepacking bike.

Our "Monster" is simply everything.

garden lap

Frame kit from 4.000€.

Complete assembly on demand.

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We have developed Garden Lap as a high performance bike for explosive XC.

She is capable of turning like no other, a born climber, relentless in changes of pace and balanced even on the steepest descents. 

The market has been left with only hard tail XC bikes that are too relaxed and too long for some users who don't require such open steering angles, because they ultimately restrict turning ability or simply don't deliver the fast riding experience that many pure XC fans need.


Frame kit from 4.000€.

Complete assembly on demand.

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There are still many classic cyclists and strong advocates of road bikes with rim brakes.

For this Class model we have used Direct Mount dual pivot brakes on both the fork and the frame stays so that the braking power does not diminish one iota and thus conquer even more the hearts of the #savetherimbrake.

Without compromises or half measures, we have worked on the Class geometry to make the bike a superlative performance "shot", the best very high-end option for performance fanatics on a bike with classic architecture, without thru axles or discs, for riders who want speed without filters, as it has felt all their lives.

custom paint
a touch of color?

Our titanium bikes come standard with a choice of matte or natural finish, with the graphics always in contrast, and you can choose the location of the main logos both on the side and on the back of the down tube.

Whether you place your order through the website or at one of our premium dealers, you will see a form in which you can specify all your preferences.

Before we start working on your bike, we will always send you a confirmation email with a final design proposal.

Adding color on the titanium itself requires a very precise technique to make the metal itself change its appearance.

The results are incredible, they radiate energy and are a very special point of added quality, with an extra cost of 400€.

Painting titanium requires a very specific level of knowledge in treatments and procedures to make the paint last a lifetime.

We have invested thousands of hours performing all kinds of primer tests and researching with reference brands in the chemical sector until we have managed to offer the maximum guarantee in our painting projects on titanium.

From 600€ you can choose to paint your titanium painting, totally or partially, taking as inspiration a landscape, a hyper sport, a dream... Everything is possible.