With our new website and the ACW online personalized service, we offer all the tools and guarantees so that you can purchase your new ANGEL bicycle with total security and with the highest level of detail in your project.

One of the options that have arisen naturally at the request of our own customers, is to pick up your new ANGEL directly at our facilities or ANGEL GARAGE in Oleiros, A Coruña, to enjoy both the experience of seeing first hand how we have made your bike, and to take the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our land.

All our bikes are delivered with a precise biomechanical position adjustment based on your indications during the configuration process. In each project we verify the size and the necessary components adapted to your personal position on the bike, so that you receive your ANGEL ready to mount the wheels and start pedaling.

We are currently creating a new network of selected physical points of sale, nationally and internationally, so that you can see, touch and purchase our bikes in the best stores, always advised by experts who understand, value and feel our bikes at the level they deserve.

We will be updating this section little by little and if you are interested in working with our bicycles in your establishment, please do not hesitate to contact us at



SANFERBIKE is a family chain of four stores in the community of Madrid, Spain, which has become a reference, working hard and being very faithful to key values for more than 20 years: the passion for bicycles, for cycling in all its disciplines and for the rigor in the service to all its customers.

Gabriel and Julio, two cycling fanatic brothers, opened a small shop selling and repairing all kinds of bicycles in their native neighborhood, San Fermin, and working very hard they have managed to become the absolute reference in a cycling area as powerful as the center of Spain, to win the admiration and trust of the entire cycling community and the best brands in the sector.

As experts and passionate about cycling, even before we had this website, they contacted ANGEL Cycle Works when they saw our first creations exposed in our social networks, we went to show them our bikes, our brand vision and way of working ... And they immediately decided they wanted to have our brand in their stores and that is why they are the exclusive point of sale ANGEL Cycle Works for the Community of Madrid.

Currently you can see our ANGEL bicycles in Custom Cycle ANGEL, your store specializing in very high-end bicycles, a very high school cycling space where elite bicycles are cared for and attended to at the highest level, so that the most demanding cyclists feel that they are advised by people who understand their commitment and passion for cycling.