ANGEL CYCLE WORKS (ACW) Product Warranty

Warranty period

ACW frames and forks are warranted against manufacturing defects for life. During this warranty period, ACW will: without charge, replace or repair at its sole discretion. The Warranty applies only to the original owner and does not transfer to any subsequent owner. This Warranty is valid only with the ORIGINAL INVOICE. This Warranty does not provide cash refunds.


Warranty exclusions:

- Warranty ends with the removal of the serial number from the frame and/or fork;
- Warranty ends if ACW products are used for activities other than those for which they were designed.


This warranty does not cover:

- Any damage resulting from normal wear and tear: including (but not limited to) paint, clear coat, sandblasting, decals, adhesives;
- Shipping costs incurred as a result of any Warranty claim/application;
- Labor cost related to assembly/disassembly/reassembly of any part(s).


The warranty does not apply if:

Damage was caused by a fortuitous event;
- The frame/fork was used for an activity other than that for which it was designed;
- The frame/fork and/or its components were subject to abusive use, neglect, abnormal and/or excessive use, or were involved in any accident(s);
- The frame is too small for any actual user;
- The frame and/or its components were modified (including, but not limited to: polishing, structural or mechanical modification or addition, pickling, sanding, strain hardening, etc.);
- There was continued use of the frame/fork after it was damaged;
- You are not the original owner of the frame or fork.


With respect to any accident event

ACW's repair/replacement policy applies exclusively to the initial purchaser.

ACW assumes no liability: in case of damage to property and/or for any moral or bodily harm to any user, purchaser or any other person, as a result of the use of a frame, fork or any of its components.

Except as otherwise limited or expressly prohibited by law: with respect to any other condition or warranty (express or implied), whether based in law or by established usage or custom of trade, including (but not limited to) any warranty (express or implied ) of merchantability or fitness/suitability for a particular purpose, ACW is not liable for any damages where the amount exceeds the actual original purchase price of the frame/fork and, further, for any particular, incidental or consequential damages which may occur in connection with such bicycle.


Components manufactured by third parties

In the event of a claim on components not manufactured by ACW , the manufacturers of the components themselves will manage their own warranties, offering the established two-year warranty. ACW will manage the corresponding claim to the manufacturer.



Warranty service will be performed by ACW. In order for any warranty claim to be considered, the frame/fork must be brought to ACW, disassembled and accompanied by the original purchase invoice is not responsible for any labor charges for assembly/disassembly/reassembly of components when replacing a frame/fork.

Shipping to and from ACW is the responsibility of the buyer. Any additional freight, duties, taxes or other charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

ACW shall have the option, at its sole discretion, to repair or replace any defective product. In the event ACW elects to replace a defective frame/fork, a new frame of equal or greater value will be provided. The new frame may not be the same as the model originally purchased.

All product returns received without an invoice will be refused and ACW will not be responsible for shipping charges associated with returned shipments.

Contact ACW directly for: warranty service, warranty claims or
returns, at:

Warranty provided by:
Engtech Composites Lab, S.L.
Rua Barbanza, 2A, Nave 5B
15171 Iñás (La Coruña),
CIF: B7051855

Warranty claim form

"Send the form (or mail with the form information), photos of the incident and original invoice to"