Kilometer Zero Challenge

Angel Cycle Works is not a brand of victories or medals... We were born with a different purpose: to make dream bikes that help people be happier.

It is not a small challenge, but if we can make the time before a route there is emotion, if we can make everything perfect during each day of pedaling, if we can make our customers feel proud of their bike and when they get home there has been that wonderful exchange of energy for happiness ... then ANGEL is just as we wanted it to be.

That is why ANGEL Cycle Works is a brand of exclusive bicycles, with personality and of the highest quality, that is our responsibility, to create machines to meet adventure, on trips, for hard challenges and stories in group or solitary that make our customers end up being simply, better people.

A few years ago we came across the proposal of the Kilometer Zero project and simply fell in love.

Today it is much more than a sporting and ambitious challenge in which leaving from Madrid you can cross the Peninsula to the four cardinal points.

You will have to travel a road as enormous in distance as in emotions and meaning, where the purpose is even broader and deeper than the mileage itself: to contribute with our passage through each kilometer to make the territories through which cyclists pass better, betting on local businesses, improving the condition and cleanliness of the roads, so that without being aware ... those who improve at the end of these exciting trips, we are the participants themselves.

Positive impact they call it. And the reality is that it is real.

If you have reached this point, for your patience, you deserve to know that this post is an IMPORTANT GIVEAWAY.

From ANGEL Cycle Works we want to support the vision of El KILÓMETRO CERO.

They will give away a bib for the Madrid Tarifa race plus one night in a hotel along with all travel expenses and we will provide an ANGEL Pro Gravel custom-made for the winner from two weeks before the event, so you can have a full experience that will undoubtedly change you.

To participate in this raffle you must enter our social networks, be a follower of ACW, KM0, like this post and name a person you think might like this experience.

You have time but not too much, because the premiere of this first edition of EL KILÓMETRO CERO MADRID TARIFA starts on May 24.

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